Map - Index
ID Name Description Action
2801 darkness Welcome to Area69
2802 darkp Dark Pleasure myst
2803 cloistr8 cloister eight
2804 cloistr9 Cloister Nine
2805 close-call Close Call By Tiddles
2806 clueless have no clue what to call this map
2807 cmania castlemania
2808 cmania2 castlemania ii
2809 cmania3 castlemania iii
2810 cmt1 Silverdome beta 3 \\by Zaka\\
2811 cmt1b Silverdome\\by Zaka\\
2812 cmt2 the Sacrifice\by Gromm
2813 cmt3 DeutschMaschine
2814 cmt4 Andromeda Nine cmt version by Slayer
2815 cmt5 the dreamweaver by qurnel
2816 cmt5b the dreamweaver by qurnel
2817 codetst1 This map is for testing \rocketland code
2818 coffin The Coffin
2819 coffin03 The Coffin Rocketman
2820 colla The Colloseum rocketman
2821 coloseum Welcome to Colosseum
2822 columns (null)
2823 com CommCentral s Hood
2824 comaster challenge of masters
2825 combineworlds_qw (null)
2826 comeget Come get some by Duke Nuk3m
2827 complex Complex Nex by Elvis
2828 complex7 The Complex
2829 concept2_v2 (null)
2830 condemn Condemnation
2831 confused house of confusion
2832 conquest Have a nice gib
2833 cons Don t suck lead
2834 conster The Consternation
2835 conster2 The Consternation II
2836 contact Fatal Contact By Tiddles for best results be in gl
2837 contamin contaminate by headshot \ for PC GAMER
2838 control The Control Center
2839 cool Jetzt wird gefickt
2840 corn2 More cornfrags The simple things are still the best
2841 cortest2 CORRUPT test1 enolc
2842 courtyd1 Courtyard Rocketman
2843 courtyrd (null)
2844 cozmo c0zm0 by Cheshire calypso iinet net au
2845 cpm1qw Wicked by SamoN original by FxR Jude
2846 cpm3-2v2 cpm3
2847 cpm3 CPM3 remixed by Forrest
2848 cpm3a cpm3a
2849 cpm3qw Jude s CPM3 for QW\By Povo Hat
2850 cpm5qw DiMeBoX8 CPM5 by Povo Hat\http povo hat besmella quake com \\
2851 cqchq21 CQC HQ v0 5
2852 cramped (null)
2853 crapdm01 Smelly Cheese\by cyBeAr\http home bip net bjornaneer quake
2854 crapdm02 The Large Trout\by cyBeAr\http home bip net bjornaneer quake
2855 crapdm03 It s raining gibs dogs\by cyBeAr\http home bip net bjornaneer quake
2856 crappy_coop sani flush rocketman
2857 crater The best of Painkeep
2858 crcastle Castle
2859 crcdm1 North River by badcrc
2860 crdm1 nder he nfluence y A
2861 crdm2 CRDM2 Mechanical Tears
2862 crdm3 Tunnels of Doom
2863 creep Creep
2864 creep2 creep2
2865 crewdm2 Crewdm2 Utopia
2866 criscros The Criss Cross EMAIL davejmj frontiernet net
2867 crocket CrowMaN s RoCKet Fest
2868 crocket2 CrowMaN s RoCKet Fest
2869 croctear Crocodile Tears
2870 cronium The Cronium By CISEK
2871 crosfire (null)
2872 crossme (null)
2873 crossrds The Crossroads
2874 crowdm1 Hooray for Opensource
2875 cruel Cruel Comfort
2876 crynblla Crynballa
2877 cbarena Cronos bot Arena
2878 cbase2 cbase remix
2879 cbdm Welcome To CBDM
2880 cbot1 by BeJixed
2881 cc Chaos Complex
2882 ccastle carrion castle
2883 cctdm1 CCTDM1\Base Desires by Overlord UK\ClaraNET Customers Quakeworld Thrash\http welcome to claranet thrash
2884 cctdm2 CCTDm2 by KTF Gizmo 1999
2885 cct_team CCT Team By KTF Gizmo 1999
2886 cd Camper s Delight
2887 cd666 (null)
2888 cdespite Cathedral of Despite
2889 cdm2 cdm2 by fasad
2890 ceethru (null)
2891 ceilstar Ceil Star Yochifan s Central Complex
2892 cenparw Central Park West
2893 centaura Endangered Species
2894 cetron e r n by e e i u
2895 cgum Church of G U M
2896 chamber Chamber Of Death
2897 chambers Chambers Of Death
2898 chapel The Chapel
2899 chased Welcome to Chase me
2900 chateau Chateau Gib