Map - Index
ID Name Description Action
201 vendm1 efdm cryptosporidium \by Mr FribbleS \http www planetquake com frib \ modified by inertia for 2on2
202 vendm2 efdm o o\by o Mr ribbleO o\fribbles geocities com\ modified by inertia for 2on2
203 vendm3 efdm \by Mr ribble \http www planetquake com frib \ modified by inertia for 2on2
204 vertigo Qurnel s Vertigo
205 vgvoteq Q l y o e
206 vgvoteq2 by Q l y o e
207 vici_gl Veni Vidi Vici
208 vici_qw Veni Vidi Vici
209 village Welcome to the village
210 viodm1 Sanctum Diabolikum by Vio
211 violance Violance miptex interaccess com
212 violence VIOLENCE by Stargazer
213 virtual The wrong world
214 vision1 halacrocorax uritius
215 volcano Volcano a rocketman map
216 volstrm2 Volstrom Towers
217 vorple Vorple 1
218 vorple4 You are being sucked into the portal
219 vorple5 (null)
220 vorple6 Vorple 6
221 vorple7 Vorple 7
222 vorple8 The Cabin
223 vr Virtual Reality
224 vrdm1 Do you really want to exit
225 vsdm2 The Odious Obelisk
226 vstart this hall selects HARD difficulty
227 vulcan vulcan by hawkmoon
228 w1 The Outpost
229 waldo Return to Waldo
230 walkway (null)
231 waltz The Last Waltz ThinG
232 warehouse2 The second warehouse
233 warehows The Battlefield
234 warfare ST B L Z D W RF R
235 warfare2 TH q CK ND TH D D
236 warfare3 u ia i e e E
237 wargrd WarGround
238 wargrd2 WarGround 2
239 warhaus Warhaus
240 warhouse (null)
241 warzone War Zone c 1997 Doug Frei
242 warzone2
243 wasdm1 Entering WAsteRs DooM
244 waste9 (null)
245 water1 The Water Tunnels
246 waterpit The Water Pit
247 wattow Watch Tower
248 wc The Cavern of Gibs
250 wddm1 Ded Central
251 wddm1a Ded Central
252 wdm1 Wicked Deathmatch 1
253 twisted (null)
254 twister Twist and Shout
255 twistmet Twisted Metal by Vortex
256 txant_18 TXant 18 No way Out
257 txant_19 TXant 19 Tokars Fort
258 tygarden Garden of Ty
259 tymodm1 Extispicium by Tymo
260 tymodm2 Colluctatio Morientis by Tymo
261 tyrbb1 (null)
262 tyrbb2 Bloodbath II C 1997 by Andreas Klein
263 uarena1 Unknown Arena by Nacho rage
264 udm Ultra DEATH Match
265 udriveby Urban Driveby
266 uicastle UI Castle
267 uih 1RON H3LL \ BY UNH0LY G1B \ liquidcool cyberportal net
268 ukcl4 UKCL4X1 by Slayer
269 ukcl4x1 UKCL4X1 by Slayer
270 ukcldm1 UKCL DM1 By Spirit
271 ukcldm2 UKCL DM2 by Slayer
272 ukcldm3 UKCLDM3 by Extream
273 ukcldm4 ukcldm4 by Rorshach
274 ukcldm5 UKCL DM5 by FeSter
275 ukcldm6 elusion by ester
276 ukcldm7 UKCLDM7 Quadrophenia By Opius
277 ukdm2 UKCL DM2 by Slayer
278 ukooldm1 ukooldm1 by Rorshach
279 ukooldm2 The Egyptian Cistern
280 ukooldm3 UKOOL DM3 by Repo
281 ukooldm4 UKOOLdm4 BY NITRIC
282 ukooldm5 UKOOLDM5 By Slayer
283 ukooldm6 UKOOLDM6 by headshot
284 ukooldm7 UKOOLDM7 by DC DD
285 ukooldm8 UKOOLDM8 by Scooby
286 ukooldm9 UKOOLDM9 by TFS Mick
287 ukpak1 UKpak1 Coward s Domain By PorkY
288 ukpak2 ukpak2 Made by Zor
289 ukpak3 The Stagnant Base By a aul
290 ukpak4 UKPAK4 by Aardappel
291 ukpak5 UKPAK Organized Crime by Peej
292 ukpak6 UKPAK6 The Cellar by Slayer
293 ukpak7 UKpak7 Secluded Store By Pingu
294 ukpak8 UKPAK8 Vicious Companions By BiGGuS
295 ukpak9 ukpak9 Bedlam by Brick
296 ukqc1 UKQC1 by Erebus
297 ultrav UltraViolence
298 ultrava UltraViolence
299 um4 The Upside Down Place
300 uncon uncontrolable urge