Map - Index
ID Name Description Action
3501 qc10q23 Caverna Beta V0 5
3502 qc12q09 Caverna Beta 2 12 09
3503 qwctf QWCTF CAN BLOW ME
3504 qzictf2 (null)
3505 rampage Rampage by skeLman www skelman com
3506 rampage2 Rampage 2 by skeLman www skelman com
3507 ratfort Revenge Assault The Fortress
3508 ratfortw Revenge Assault The Fortress
3509 rball-b1 rball bballjones ctf rocketman
3510 rball rball bballjones ctf rocketman
3511 rctf1 Fortress Base CtF
3512 rctf8-q1 RCtF8 Rock Temple
3513 realm The Realm of Cloy
3514 rmctf10b rmctf10 castles I rocketman
3515 rmctf1b rmctf1 Castles\rocketman
3516 rmctf2b rmctf2a Isolation\rocketman
3517 rmctf3d rmctf3 Outer Space\rocketman
3518 rmctf4a rmctf4 Warehouse\rocketman
3519 rmctf5a rmctf5a Castles II\rocketman
3520 rmctf6a rmctf6 Urban CTF\rocketman
3521 rmctf7a rmctf7 Wooden Ships\rocketman
3522 rmctf8c rmctf8 Sniper Span\rocketman
3523 rmctf9b rmctf9 dungeons\rocketman
3524 rtsa Retreat To the Sea and Away
3525 rtsaw Retreat To the Sea and Away
3526 ctfdmbw Develepor s Missile Base
3527 ctffeud CTF Feud
3528 ctfgl1 (null)
3529 ctfgl2 (null)
3530 ctfgl3 (null)
3531 ctfgl4 (null)
3532 ctfgl5 (null)
3533 ctfgl6 (null)
3534 ctfgold1 The Mess Hall Norm Prax http gold flc net
3535 ctfgold2 Badical Bunkers Gold
3536 ctfgold3 Arax Prax Anox http gold flc net
3537 ctfgold4 installaflagus
3538 ctfgold5 Elder Ctf Shrines Prax http gold flc net
3539 ctfgold6 The CaptureZone
3540 ctfgold7 Flags n Frags by Bain
3541 ctfgold8 Abandoned Dungeon
3542 ctfgt No Name
3543 ctfgtw No Name
3544 ctfhhils House in the Hills CTF
3545 ctfjt1 (null)
3546 ctfjt3 (null)
3547 ctfjt4 (null)
3548 ctfkkong King Kong CTF by VAB
3549 ctfpax1 Nya Pjukk
3550 ctfpax2 Snajdig Hatt
3551 ctfpoint Derelict Point
3552 ctfpost The Forgotten Outpost
3553 ctfst Space Station 64
3554 ctfstw Space Station 64
3555 ctftth The Ticket Home
3556 ctftthw The Ticket Home
3557 ctfvall CTF Valley
3558 ctfworld Byte s CTF World
3559 ctfx01 Inversion cross up
3560 ctf_pand Pandemonium By O E E G T S V N
3561 curses No Name
3562 darena3a (null)
3563 defender Defender by phaseone
3564 delude Delusions
3565 denomin Entering Denomination Hal9000
3566 dethcamp DeathCamp
3567 dhq Developer s HQ
3568 dhqw Developer s HQ
3569 dmmp4ctf DMMP4 Base 2200 by Martin Petricek CTF Version 2
3570 dmmp5 Dmmp5 The split castle by Martin Petricek
3571 dunctf1 Dunsinane by George DieharD Myshlyayev t jumpa hotmail com
3572 elek_ctf The Elektra Mansions
3573 ericctf1 The submarine base by Eric Cuffie
3574 expctf1 Expert CTF I\Nicole s Virtue\ this adistler ace cs ohiou edu
3575 expctf2 Expert Base Myrkul and Publius
3576 ezctf01 Cheap TF by Tombs
3577 fa11ctf The Final Ascent Krampster
3578 fd Flickering Death By Matrix
3579 fish3 HoHoHo Xtreme 2003 With Claws and Ninjas By Super Jimmy Carter Tubesock Happy fucking Christmas white man
3580 flagrun flagrun by skeLman www skelman com
3581 fluffyland FluFFyLaNd by lgc2 lu y i e
3582 fragctf0 Rocketman s Fragfest CTF\http come to rocketland
3583 fragtwca Fragtown CTF Hoboken
3584 frenzy frenzy by skeLman www skelman com
3585 gadiantn Gadianton
3586 gnoctf1 FragTown 5 Dallas
3587 gore1_wip Gore let me hear you speaking just for me
3588 gore_wip7 Gore let me hear you speaking just for me
3589 gym The Gymnasium by Forrest
3590 hdwctf 64 players holy desert CTF war by The Jackal
3591 head Gimme Some Head to Head by Forrest
3592 hfp-ctf House of Pain ctf
3593 hpr1 Hell s Pig Roast
3594 hydroctf Hydrocephalus CTF
3595 idctf1 idctf1 Gloom Castles
3596 2base The Place of Two Bases
3597 2bridges The Two Bridges Poker
3598 2citys_b 2 CITYS bata\\By ELC and alpha tested by clan JR
3599 2fort99 Two Forts Super 99
3600 2fortjm Team Fortress Rules