Map - Index
ID Name Description Action
3601 2level (null)
3602 2pool2 2pools By Fenix
3603 2unfair3 Fort vs Base
3604 4corners The Four Corners
3605 acridall
3606 admin The Sickhouse Administration by Joensson
3607 alpha1 Blood Everywhere II By usan
3608 amnesty1 Amnesty is Granted
3609 amnesty2 Sanctuary of the Saints
3610 arma3ctf Armageddon 3 CTF
3611 army2 (null)
3612 asylum-ctf Mad s Asylum CTF an ode to id maps by Forrest
3613 atd Attack The Depot
3614 atdw Attack The Depot
3615 baraddur MindFuck welcomes all
3616 bb32ctf0 The Bright Building
3617 bfield CTF Battle Field
3618 bloody Bloody Mine by Forrest
3619 bmixer Blood Mixer
3620 boom Ba Boom by Forrest
3621 boomctf Ba Boom by Forrest
3622 brc Bridge Crossing
3623 brcw Bridge Crossing
3624 capit Cap it by skeLman www skelman com
3625 captflag Edge of Horror
3626 cbase-ctf CBase CTF by Forrest
3627 cdf Capture Dat Flag
3628 cmcap1 TemplE of MayoS By Tahli
3629 codetst2 This map is for testing \rocketland code
3630 critctf1 Critters by jlowell visi com\\Modified for CTF by\marc krypton mankato msus edu\and hayden pobox com
3631 crown Crown Of Thorns
3632 ctf0 Twin Towers BraFish
3633 ctf1bsp0 Capturellamaphobopolis
3634 ctf1bsp1 Holy Warz
3635 ctf1bsp2 The Tormented Fortress
3636 ctf1bsp3 The BanZoia
3637 ctf1bsp4 Barbie s Domain
3638 ctf1bsp5 C E C S
3639 ctf1bsp6 Tickle Me Shambler
3640 ctf1bsp7 Never Mined
3641 ctf1bsp8 The Forgotten Outpost
3642 ctf1bsp9 Salvage The Weak
3643 ctf1bspx Towers The Ascension
3644 ctf1rogue Division of Change
3645 ctf2 The Kiln
3646 ctf2m1 McKinley Station
3647 ctf2m2 The Warzone
3648 ctf2m3 Spill the Blood
3649 ctf2m4 The Ruins of NeoMinonk
3650 ctf2m5 Disciple War Grounds
3651 ctf2m6 The Two Towers
3652 ctf2m7 Gloom Castles
3653 ctf2m8 Capturephobopolis
3654 ctf3 DySpHoRiA
3655 ctf340 CTF
3656 ctf3m1 Remix
3657 ctf3m2 Red Alert By EG
3658 ctf3m3 Stop the flow
3659 ctf3m4 The Nameless Mines the sequel
3660 ctf3m5 Egyptian Pig Factory By Ziggurat
3661 ctf3m6 UKCTFL1
3662 ctf3m7 The Dark Age By EG
3663 ctf3m8 The Place of Two Bases
3664 ctf3m9 Cheat2 Barkfalls
3665 ctf4 The Forgotten Mines
3666 ctf5 Da Ancient War Grounds
3667 ctf6 Vertigo By Midiguy
3668 ctf7 Tale of Two Cities
3669 ctf8 The Strongbox
3670 ctfbase1 Ctf Base 1
3671 ctfbblud Bad Blood CTF
3672 ctfbkr Bank Robbery
3673 ctfbkrw Bank Robbery
3674 ctfcity CTF City By Kukuman
3675 ctfconst CTF Construction
3676 ctfconsw CTF Construction
3677 ctfdmb Develepor s Missile Base