Map - Index
ID Name Description Action
301 unddm1 EndGame by Underscore
302 unddm2 Shadowmines by Underscore
303 under The Underearth
304 under11 Voldsam hestkuk
305 under3 Undergrounds
306 unfin UNFINished Project by Stargazer
307 unfo The Unforgiven by Ivan
309 unholy2 (null)
310 unholymess Unholy mess
311 unholy_b Unholy Existence
312 unknown (null)
313 unreal00 Borrowed from Unreal haqsau rocketman
314 unreal01 Borrowed from Unreal haqsau rocketman
315 up1b UP UP AND AWAY
316 updown2 SPLAT
317 upper Upper Limits J R M
318 uptest UP UP AND AWAY
319 upunnet Ubiquitous Punnet
320 useabuse Use Me Abuse Me Peekaboom
321 utdeath Until the Death Warzone 8 by Shawn Prest aka FatalCure
322 utopia Utopia
323 utressor Utressor\by hylke beck aka gibbie\bech geo vu nl\april 25 2004
324 tlsldm The Lost Small Land DM
325 tmcastle TmCas tdominic tso org
326 tmddm1 The Forgotten Castle
327 tmdm2 the Vaults of Mortality
328 tnmap1 A tiny nilsmap
329 toasty3 Toasty3 By Nonny
330 tof The Old Factory by NeoRider
331 toilet4 sani flush rocketman
332 tomba The Tomb of the Ancients
333 tombadark The Tomb of the Ancients
334 tomdm1 Da Flippin Base by TomiKazi
335 tomdm2 Chateau Kazi by TomiKazi
336 tonydm1 Simonyi s Head DM
337 tool1 The Begining of the End
338 tortowr Torturous Tower
339 torture Place of Torture Creator Wha Hoom
340 tourney Q1Tourney The Proving Grounds
341 tower05 Tower of PAIN rocketman
342 tower1 Tower War by DarkSoul
343 tower11 Tower V1 1
344 toxicwst Toxic Waste Plant
345 tpbase TeamplayBase by suckerpunch
346 training The Training Room
347 trallefinal2 Tralle s Pit
348 trallepit3beta Tralleskuk
349 trandon Transvestite Goatfish
350 trange Trangela by dloader yoss canweb net jD
351 traveler cosmic traveler
352 travelert2 cosmic traveler
353 travelert4 cosmic traveler
354 travelert6 le voyageur cosmique
355 trdm The Lightning Hell by in
356 trdm1 Fear Factory by MOLoCH
357 trdm2 Aquafobia by MOLoCH
358 trdm3 Primal Fear by MOLoCH
359 trdmm4 trdmm4 by in
360 tree The Tree A rocketman map
361 treerace (null)
362 trial Trial V2 By Nonny
363 trial2 Trial2 V2 By Nonny
364 trialz Ultimate Trial By Nonny
365 trib11
366 tribute A House Full Of Pain
367 tridm1 Wasted Again by headshot
368 tridm2 H2 clokwerk reconstruction \by retinal
369 tridm3 Recycled crapyard edition \by ztn ninja
370 trifor (null)
371 trimp Trilogy Multiplayer\Publius rtollert tranquility net
372 trindm1 Wasted Again by headshot
373 trindm2 H2 clokwerk reconstruction \by retinal
374 trindm3 Recycled crapyard edition \by ztn ninja
375 triumph (null)
376 trondm1 Trondm1 NYARGH Need coffee By Tron
377 trondm2 (null)
378 ts-bunker The Strogg Bunker By Tiddles
379 tsd The Somber Demise
380 tsos he hadow f in
381 tstation Termination Station by Dale Midiguy Bertheola midiguy crl com
382 ttk (null)
383 ttl01 ttl01 trigger test level rocketman
384 tube5 (null)
385 tubes02 5e Map
386 tuhnu1 Tuhnu version 1 \by Zaka\
387 tuhnu2 Tuhnu version 2 \by Zaka\
388 tumour Rise of the Tumour
389 tumour2 its fearful perfection
390 tun (null)
391 turniejq TurniejQ by Chomik
392 twarp22 TimeWarp v2 2 by Digital Vision
393 twcmqw Twisted Xmas
394 twdm1 Al Roker Presents His Testicles by TheToadWarrior
395 twierdza Twierdza v 1 0 Marcin Danysz Degradator 1998
396 twindrgn twin dragons
397 twist1 rocketman s T I T D map
398 twistdm Twisted Terror
399 taxtime0 taxtime\rocketman
400 tba The BattleArea